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What our customers are saying

Rebecca has been helping me give my cat fluids at home. She handles him expertly and with care. I highly recommend her!

Jenny Reid 

She is caring, professional & dependable. We can travel with confidence knowing our fur babies are well cared for & stress free. Highly recommend Lil' B's Trail!!!!

A.C Ruzcita 

I can't thank Becca enough for the great care she provided for our Cooper! Cooper can be temperamental but becca knew exactly what to do with her vast experiences! She communicates with us wonderfully before, during and after her visits. I can enjoy my vacation knowing cooper is in good hands and can tell Cooper had a great time with her too! Thanks Becca! 

Winnie Lum 

We've had Becca help with 3 dogs, from puppy to senior. She was super gentle with our senior dog, who was undergoing chemo and subsequently palliative care. We always recommend Becca any time our friends/family ask for pet services. 

Valen Duong

Great , my mind was at ease.

Melanie Lawson

"Thanks for everything, Rebecca. You did a great job with my parrots, and I appreciated your attention to detail. I look forward to working with you in the future."

Linda Gausman

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Welcome to Lil'B'sTrail Pet Care!

Did you go home from the Veterinary hospital with medication to give to your pet(s) and find it hard to give? 

Want a real life Vet Tech to come to your home and HELP? 


Are you planning a trip away from home or simply not able to be home during the day and need a reliable pet sitter?

We are here for you and your pets!! 

Pet Sitting

Daily Visits Include: 

  • Feeding, Fresh Water, Litter Box Cleaning, Bathroom break-Walks (Dogs)
  • Washing Food Bowls
  • Basic Cleaning up of any mishaps
  • Watering plants 
  • Collecting  Mail
  • Turning on/off lights
  • Bringing in the newspaper

An initial brief 15-30 minute meeting with the sitter is complimentary and the key should be handed over at that time. Outside of the meeting there is a $10 charge for key pick up OR drop off.  We can hold onto key for future pet care visits. 

*Additional Holiday rates apply for the following days:


Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

New Years Day 

At Home Services Fees:

Pet Sitting Services:

One Daily Visit      (20-30min)                $36

* Medication Added To Food Will Not Be Charged While Pet Sitting.

(Medication Administration WHILE Pet Sitting $20) 

Two Daily Visits                                                          $72

* Medication Added To Food Will Not Be Charged While Pet Sitting.

(Medication Administration WHILE Pet Sitting $20 

Overnight Care Services is Postponed until  further notice.

Overnight Care  ( 1 Pet)                                 $100   

Overnight Care ( Multiple Pets)         $105

Dog Walks     (20-30min)                            $27/dog

Veterinary Technician Services:  

Subcutaneous Fluids       $40

Medication Administration  on Vet Tech Visit                $30 

*Medication Administration    WHILE Pet  Sitting $20 

-Vitamin B12 inj.

-Insulin Injection

-Antibiotic Injection

-Anti-nausea Injection 

- Oral Medication 

-Transdermal ointment medication 

* Medication Added To Food Will Not Be Charged While Pet Sitting.  

* Medication needs to be prescribed by your family Veterinarian. 

Nail Trimming      $30

*May need assistance from guardian. 

Anal Glands Expression         $37

*May need assistance from guardian. 

Ear Cleanings          $30

Hygiene Shaving    $30

Matt Grooming/Shave off         $25

Additional Services:

 Medication   & Pet food      Delivery       $20   

-Prescription Pet Food

-Prescriptions RX 

-LRS Bags

-Insulin (on ice Delivery)

Steps for your Product Delivery: 

1. Call your regular veterinary hospital and pay over the phone.

2.Call or Text (415) 745-6304. Or Email at [email protected] 

3.You will get a CONFIRMATION text or call for a pick up & Drop off to your home! 

It's that EASY! 

Team Members:

Animal lover!

Serving the Bay Area

Rebecca (Registered Veterinary Technician, Pet Sitter)

Yasmin (Pet Sitter, Dog Walker)

Magali (Pet Sitter, Dog Walker)

Things to know...​

Example of instructions and food supply

Use your Key Lock or We can supply you with one!

Sample of pet information sheet

Add contacts,pet411,feeding,vet and other info.

Example of Pets progress report.